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Mara Seber - New Chance Wellness & Essential Oils

Welcome to New Chance Wellness - Balanced Life & Essential Oils.

How do you think change happens in our lives? Do we choose to change or does the change happen because of life events? 

Over the years, as a psychologist and marriage family therapist, I experienced many moments in which I observed my clients seeking “the right answers” or “the right solutions” to a problem they had.  However, one thing most of them had in common was they were afraid of change!  

Change requires time and effort, patience and dedication, and most of all, a reason to stimulate the need for a change.

Life changes constantly, however, whether we plan it or not, want it or not.

My life changed significantly when I decided to take the step into motherhood and dedicated my time to taking care of my daughter by becoming a stay-at-home mom. I was surprise to discover that being a mother came with many unexpected “professions” are required from us.  As a mother, I continue to experience many moments in which I am a nurse, a teacher, a therapist, a coach, a doctor, a driver, a cook, a housekeeper, a scientist, a nutritionist, … you name it.   These new roles presented many challenges and instances where I found myself no having a clue about what I was doing.  The fact is, as moms, women, and people in general, we have natural abilities to conquer challenges that comes our way as we have the power to make change happen. 

A couple of months before my daughter started kindergarten, I faced an emergency surgery and that was the WAKE UP call for me for a change.  I felt the need to do more in my life, to do what I am good at, and that was offering support and guidance to others and ultimately helping people. That was when I decided to take a step back and observe what people were looking for the most to enhance their life.  The common denominator was to be healthy, to feel better, and to have more balance in their lives.

With that New Chance Wellness & Essential Oils was born with a mission of offering information and support to anyone who is looking for a healthy and more balanced way of life.  The main goal of New Chance Wellness & Essential Oils is to offer an opportunity to anyone who wants to open doors for a better and healthier life!

with care, Mara Seber 

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