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Manning Law Company, Christian Divorce Attorneys

Jamie Manning is an author, speaker and attorney. She is passionate about removing the stigma from divorce that causes good people to stay in bad marriages for the wrong reasons. Jamie aims to improve the lives of children of divorce by using humor and wisdom to reduce family conflict.

Jamie was born in Cleveland, Ohio and was first introduced to divorce by her parents when she was 6 years old.    A divorce attorney by profession, Jamie became an expert on the subject when she participated in her own failed marriage.

In 1999, as a law clerk in the Family Law Division of the Legal Aid Society of Cleveland, Jamie began her career as not only a divorce lawyer, but as an advocate for people facing the uncertainty of life after divorce.  Jamie expanded on this work as a volunteer with AmeriCorps by establishing a supervised parental visitation center in southeast Ohio.

In 2005, Jamie entered private practice and she continues to provide direct legal services as the owner of Manning Law Company, Christian Divorce Attorneys among the fastest growing firms of its kind.  After an endorsed run for Domestic and Juvenile Court Judge in 2010, Jamie took a break from the practice of law to stay at home with her first child in 2012.

 In 2015, Jamie embraced the reality that she embodied the message that was so close to her heart: There is hope after divorce. There is forgiveness and stability and high-functioning well-adjusted children. As a happily married, once divorced, adult child of divorce, Jamie’s insight into marriage and divorce are unparalleled and impacting lives from workshops, seminars, pulpits, and across the world wide web.

 Many marriages end in divorce. In her experiences, Jamie discovered that even though divorce is common there is no resource to help guide families through the process. Jamie wants to replace the anxiety, stress, and uncertainty of divorce with hope, faith, and love that will endure.

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