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Mandy Cochrane of ME YOGA

Mandy tried yoga for the first time in 2011 as she'd been suffering in her life due to anxiety and depression. It was the first time in many years she'd felt some relief from the challenges that come from dealing with those illnesses. As the pratice transformed her life she became inspire to teach others the techniques and traditions that can unravel ones conditioning and reveal the true self.
Mandy recognizes the power of yoga to bring stillness and peace to an over-stimulated mind; the ability for deeper compassion, kindness and love is available. She is dedicated to creating an environment in her classes which sprouts growth unique to each student; the weaving of mindfulness, pranayama and meditative intention are the lifeblood of her classes. One can expect intelligent and bio-mechanical sequencing accessible to any individual regardless of physical history (injury/trauma) or experience level. Her knowledge in anatomy, functional movement and yoga traditions are of the highest standard; studied under Lily Goncalves and Ramananda Mayi of Blooming Lotus Yoga, Seane Corn, Rod Stryker, Susi Hately and many more.
In her daily life, she creates fun, informative short videos on instagram, a life blog, loves travel and is a huge fan of anything chocolate! Mandy continues to explore yoga for physical longevity, emotional stability and the continued embodiment of her true nature. 
Mandy guides students to see the beauty within and deepen awareness on a subtle level.
She aids students to dive under the superficial layer and discover the conditioning that construct their world. Her intention is to teach with kindness and compassion; for students to discover their own inherent joy and find moments of reflection on and off the mat. Ultimately, the practice plants the seeds for her students to live with more freedom, release suffering and open up to their best selves.​​

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