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Making Music Being Well Hong Kong 香港音樂共悅節

Making Music Being Well is an initiative of the Australian Music Therapy Association and Music: Play for Life, the music advocacy arm of the Music Council of Australia, a not-for-profit organisation. The program is a celebration of the links between making music and feeling good.

Objectives of Making Music Being Well include

1. To promote the benefits of music making for the mind, body and soul

2. To enhance the understanding of general public of the therapeutic uses of music

3. To increase the awareness of general public of the recreational advantages of active music making


Making Music Being Well was inaugurated in 2006 in Australia and was extended to Hong Kong in 2011. Your support is crucial to the continuation of this celebration in the future. This non-profit campaign aims to celebrate the links between active music making, and health and well-being across the life span.


音樂共悅節 Making Music Being Well 理念: 「 以音樂,創快樂」 Making Music Being Well 是由澳洲音樂治療協會(Australian Music Therapy Association) 和Music: Play For Life 合辦的一個大型音樂活動﹐ 主要是提高大眾對音樂作治療的認識﹐ 從而提倡參與音樂活動(making music) 能為參加者帶來健康和快樂(feeling good)的理念。

自2006年起﹐ Making Music Being Well 在澳洲推行﹐目標包括:

1. 推廣參與音樂對我們的生理和心裡健康的好處

2. 增加公眾對音樂治療應用的意識

3. 增加公眾對於參與﹐ 欣賞以及創作音樂的正面影響的意識

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