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Mahayogi Yoga Mission

The Mahayogi Yoga Mission of New York City was established by disciples in 1996 to disseminate the Universal Teaching of Yoga—the Realization of the True Self—as preached by a living Master, Satguru Shri Mahayogi Paramahansa, and by sages and saints throughout time immemorial.

Shri Mahayogi is the rarest of Masters, the one who spontaneously awakened at the age of eight and has continuously abided in the state of absolute Truth ever since. Through his living example, personal instruction, and boundless grace and compassion, he guides seekers toward the Realization of Yoga. Sri Mahayogi is the inspiration behind all the activities of the Mahayogi Yoga Mission.



Yoga, properly understood, is the state of absolute Self-Realization or “Awakening.” From time immemorial there have been people whose exhaustive inquiry into the existence of the Self has led them to the experience of this ultimate state. It is this inquiry, and the wisdom revealed through it, that is the very essence of religion, Sanatana Dharma or Eternal Truth. Those who abide in this state, which is beyond the comprehension of the mind and can be realized only through direct experience, are recognized as Masters. It is said that it is as difficult to find a real Master as it is to find a diamond in the sand. Even so, those who wish to follow and dedicate themselves to the path of Yoga seek out these Masters, for it is only through such guidance that they can reach beyond the mind and awaken to the True Self—the Eternal Truth.


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