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Maggie is author and illustrator of TAKING LIFE NOT TOO SERIOUSLY, a collection of humorous vignettes about the flips, flops and foibles of everyday life. The big factor that makes Maggie’s stories intriguing is Hugh Mouse. Maggie can’t keep herself from drawing her little mouse on notebooks, letters, and table cloths in restaurants. By illustrating her books with simple ink drawings, she has introduced a unique creature to the world. Within the body of a lively, make-believe mouse, a mischievous little personality has emerged with his own brand of sarcasm.

When Maggie observes life’s craziness, Hugh comes to life. She is able to embed an easily recognizable facial expression into Hugh. His body language tells us exactly what he is thinking as he helplessly watches somebody slip on a banana peel. We feel him struggling not to laugh, and we can almost hear the off-the-wall comments he is working so hard at holding back. All this from two or three strokes of the ink pen. “Oh, he’s just a little mouse,” she says innocently. But the reader knows better. Hugh is a presence to be reckoned with.

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