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Magdalena Knight Bio


Magdalena Knight is a Relationship Design Consultant, Sacred Intimate, and Sexual Freedom Advocate and Activist. Sex Worker Rights, Transgender Rights, Reproductive Justice, and Consent in BDSM are among her core focus areas; however Sex & Aging, Sex & Neurodiversity, Sex & Disability, Sex & Incarceration / Institutionalization are areas of interest as well.


Bringing a professional approach to practice and teaching Qadishti, Moksha and Tantra; she has been mingling with alternative sexuality lifestyles for her entire adult life. Magdalena has been leading discussions for 18-35 year old kinksters and 18+ Polyamory groups for over a decade.  An ardent advocate of personal authenticity and authority over one’s sexual expression, she strives to bring individuals into alignment with their orientation and proclivities, whatever they may be. As a facilitator and somatic coach, she deploys tools and skills for immediate use. Having been steeped in personal development and holistic living for over 20 years, Magdalena encourages all around her to become more self-aware. Daughter of Lilith and Dakini, she facilitates connection within, without, and to Source.

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