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Madison Art House LLC


 Madison Art House was founded on the premise that kids are natural conservationists, explorers and inventors.   A walk through the woods, afternoon in the snow or playtime in the yard reminds us that kids love to create art using found objects, recycled products and materials from nature.  They create amazing artwork knowing that they are conserving natural resources – what could be better than that?  

The mission for Madison Art House is to support artistic exploration and learning while raising awareness of ways to make our city a more vibrant and sustainable place to live.  Through a series of classes that focus on kids, art and our planet, instructor Tu Le will give participants the opportunity to get messy, get creative and find their inner artist by creating new art with discarded but useful materials that are donated from local businesses.  

For founder Tu Le, a mother to four creative kids, Madison Art House is a place where she can share her love for making art, help reduce waste and bring our community together.  She aims to share her desire for salvaging once used materials and renew their value as art objects.  Madison Art House is a space that will inspire creativity and encourage artistic collaboration.

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