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Nestled in the heart of Hollywood, California is the home of Made In LA, a premiere fitness studio that offers private training, chiropractic and physical therapy services.


Founded by veteran dance and fitness guru, Andrea LawentMade In LA opened its doors in January of 2008. Andrea was one of the original pioneers in the world of Indoor cycling, the now fitness craze of today. Made In LA is known for their unique twist on this popular activity; one that creates an experience on the bike like no other. This experience is called, “The Ride”. “The Ride” was the cornerstone of Made In LA in 2008, and remains so today.


Made In LA is a family of amazing people who believe in bringing the best to everyone who walks through the door. Whether its for an ass-kickin workout, a rehabilitation session, a killer rock-n-roll ride, or a kind ear to listen – as many who have sat on the couch have, and have come to call this unique gym, home.


As many boutique fitness studios have disappeared in the shadow of large chain corporations, Made In LA continues to draw attention from esteemed clientele and publications, including, Rolling Stone. Made In LA was the first, and only, gym to be mentioned in Rolling Stone in the publication’s history. Made in LA, was not only mentioned, but made the cover.


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