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Lyndon Earley - For Purpose Finders


Purpose Finders is a seminar company, dedicated to helping people maximize their soft-skills, enhance their character, and discover their purpose in life. Picture this: You just inherited $10,000,000.00. Would you go to work tomorrow?


If you answered no then you are not operating in your divine purpose. When we operate in purpose, we should love going to work on Monday and dread having to leave work on Friday. Seem unrealistic? The first employee on Earth was Adam and he worked in the Garden of Eden, The Hebrew word for Eden is “Pleasure.” The first step in finding your “Pleasure” is to discover your God-given Motivational Gifts. Every person is endowed with at least one Spiritual Gift, according to Romans Chapter 12, verses 6 – 8. Which one(s) do you have? We can help you answer that question. Are you the type of person that is blunt and to the point? Are you a people person? Do you like to organize projects? These are not personality traits. God determined each of these factors when He formed you in the womb. Purpose Finders will help you to understand these Gifts and what God wants you to do with them. Purpose Finders is a subsidiary of Noble Man Enterprises , based in Lawrenceville, Georgia.

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