Lynda Paul with Sound Money Management, Inc.

Organizer of Financial Playbook - A Strategic & Tactical Approach to Retirement Planning

Sound Money Management, Inc. is an Investment Advisory and Financial Planning / Money Management firm located in San Antonio, Texas. The firm also has a satellite office in Chicago, Illinois. Lynda Paul is the owner of Sound Money Management, Inc. and the Chief Investment Advisor. Lynda has been in the business of providing financial planning solutions and investment management advice for over 25 years. Lynda is a Certified Financial Planner and a non-practicing CPA, with a Master's Degree in Finance and International Business. Lynda specializes in retirement planning and investment management and has helped over 500 clients live a financially successful retirement.  Ms. Paul is a former employee of Abbott Laboratories where she worked as the lead Corporate Accountant responsible for creating and designing Abbott's Annual Report. She also served as the former Regional Director of Financial Planning with MetLife Financial Services in Chicago. Sound Money Management, Inc. is Registered Investment Adviser registered in Texas and Illinois - CRD # 154752.

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