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Lucinda Ruch, Link For Success

On LinkedIn & unsure of how to really make it work to grow your business?

Paying too much for Open Rates? You can achieve 40-60% at ZERO cost!


Latest Results Show How to Increase Your Open Rates by 2-3X's

Open rates for regular email are 19.85%.  

Open rates for LinkedIn can be as high as 40-60%, with your LinkedIn maximized & optimized!!


This series of classes isn't just for sales.   Everyone is selling every day, whether it be your reputation, career advancement, business or goods/services.


Most want to jump to Class #3 and skip Classes 1 & 2 until they understand what it takes to make the 3rd class really sizzle!!  Many don't realize the  missed opportunities.  (e.g. Everyone gets 100 rows in their search results, but just imagine influencing this to be better than the norm, better than the average, better than your competition.  That means I'll see you in Class #1 & 2 so you will be ready for Class#3!)



LinkedIn Top 1% Lucinda Ruch, LinkedIn Training

LinkedIn Consulting, Training & Public Speaking.  Founding Board Member of Social Media Breakfast (SMB) Dallas in 2010.  It's now the 2nd largest Social Media Group in Texas.  Communications/PR (LinkedIn) for Success North Dallas (SND) and Americas Future Series (AFS).

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