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Lower Raritan Watershed Partnership

New Jersey’s newest watershed association, the Lower Raritan Watershed Partnership (LRWP) was formed in 2014 to address industrial pollutants that left a legacy of contamination in the Raritan River and the Lower Raritan Watershed. Although dumping is much ameliorated, current contamination levels in many stream segments are unknown, and no comprehensive assessment of water quality for the LRW has been performed since the 1970s. Ongoing threats to the watershed include combined sewers, an average of 34% impervious surfaces, and significant non-point pollution.

The LRWP got its start as a group of concerned “civic scientists” seeking data on the health and safety of the water in New Jersey’s Raritan River. Now a partnership of citizens, non-profits, government representatives, University researchers, business representatives and others we continue to gather data through civic science. We use this information to prioritize our stewardship and advocacy work with the goal of improving the quality of the water in the Raritan River and the health of the Lower Raritan Watershed ecosystem.

While LRWP’s mission focuses on the protection, preservation and restoration of habitat and biodiversity within our Lower Raritan Watershed, our civic science approach speaks to another core purpose: by training community volunteers to monitor and report on the health of the environment we work to ensure that science, community engagement and environmental stewardship become a permanent part of the culture and identity of the Lower Raritan Watershed.

The LRWP is 100% volunteer run.

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