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Love International Film Festival

Love International Film Festival July 24 - 27, 2018

Join us at Love International Film Festival and The lotus Light Children Charity to ENLIGHTEN and HEAL the Children and even the adult through art.  To achieve this very important global objective, to PROVIDE FOOD FOR SOUL, we need a league of volunteers to guide the children of our world towards the universal truth, removing obstacles to love, believe in peace and forgiveness  and tolerance. We ask those who feel compelled to be part of this global shift, to join with us in this calling. Become an Ambassador of LOVE & PEACE. Lead the way to build the future on a foundation of LOVE,  PEACE, UNDERSTANDING, RESPECT, TOLERANCE and FORGIVENESS toward one another, and soon we will build an army of peaceful and loving people who can defend the spirit of LOVE and PEACE.

Join us at Love International Film Festival and The Lotus Light Children Charity.  and

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