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Love Holt

Hi, I AM Love!

A 30 year old divorce', mother of 5 children and natural healer. At at early age I had a connection to spirituality. I would often notice how my perspective would be diffrent from most others. As I grew into who I was destinaed to return to being, the connection grew also with little to no cultivation.

At age 16 I was a party going people pleaser, seeking approval and acceptance, which had gotten me into several risky and undesirable situatons. I was lost in a wurlwind of fast money, fast cars, and even faster men! All in search of this "LOVE" I was lacking. Before I knew it I was over my head in bad decisions, toxic relationships with a drak cloud of karmic energy waiting to set me straight!! That is when i first noticed I may have some WOMB ISSUES. Ugh!

After several years of a toxic, unproductive lifestyle I finally decieded to take full responsability for my actions and turn my life around, FOR GOOD! So with help of the memories of my wrong doings haunting me nightly, and the tangable reality that lots of my friends and class mates where dieing at the hand of the same acts I was commiting daily, I set out for NEW LIFE!

It had finally hit me! I WAS THE ONLY PERSON TO CHANGE MY REALITY!!!!!

I scrambled to get married, and began a family. I also joined a church and became the secretary. I was so sure that this would be the thing that puts me on the right track. I stopped parting and drugging, I removed the toxic people and things.... and still found myself unhappy, and with 9 people in a household I still felt very alone! No matter how I encouraged myself with scriptures and songs of praise they only took me so far! I was stull very un happy and my WOMB ISSUES seemed to get even worse. It got so bad I never wanted to leave the house. I was terefiyed that someone would know  my wombwas dieing inside of me!


After several years of abuse from my husband, hundreds of counceling sessions and countless attempts to reset the momentum in my energy, I decided that leaving my husband and the life we created together would be the first step to solving all my problems. I considered all the risks. I knew I wouldnt be able to take anything, including the children. I knew that leaving him means that I may have to fight several years to have my children with me, in and out of courtrooms and mediations. Leaving means no support system, it means I'd have to finally work a job and support myself by myself! I also knew staying meant that I may not survivie physically and/or mentaily. Staying also means having all of my children learn that love and marriage consisted of fighting and nights in jail. I refused to just lay down and let myself die!

So one day, I sat up in my bed a proclaimed that this was the day I was getting out of the mess I was in. I excersied my morning routine, cooked breakfast, got the children on the school bus. When that bus pulled away from my house So did I! I walked away with NOTHING but the remainder for my spirit and my life. I promised myself I would deticate every moment to making sure I was the maximum amout of me possible, and that everything that I do will be toward building a foundaton to get my children home!

I spun around for several months, swept in the vortex of Karma and confusion. Parting, selling drugs and waisting valuable time! Going where ever the wind blew me! Exhusting emotional displays with my husband and my family. I was getting worse! So one day, i get a call fromt the doctor, and they wanted to do some testing. Apparently they found abnormal cells in my pap smear and further testing was required, they believed it could be crevical cancer!

That phone call changed me forever! I jummped on the first bus to charlotte.  I made up my mind the day I arrived in charlotte that I will first find SELF LOVE and then I'd find HEALING......

Now... Here I am, Yoni Warrior! Still on my journy to full healing, but much further then I started out! More aware, more in LOVE with MYSELF and well versed in how to manufacture HAPPY from scracth.... Let me share with you what I have gained!!!!!

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