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Louise Goffin's jobs in music have ranged from singer-songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, recording artist, record producer, and hired gun for other artists.  Sometimes the phrase "rock and roll royalty" is used to describe her as she's written and recorded eight solo albums, and is the grown up rock and roll decendent of the Goffin/King writing team (depicted in the hit Broadway musical 'Beautiful' in her earliest days as "Baby Louise"). After making her first live public debut opening for Jackson Browne at The Troubadour at the age of 17, she released her debut album "Kid Blue" on Elektra/Asylum. In 2011, Louise produced and wrote songs for a Grammy-nominated record for her mother Carole King, “A Holiday Carole”. After Louise released her first four albums on major labels ranging from Elektra/Asylum, Warner Bros. and Dreamworks, she created her own independent label Majority Of One Records to empower herself as an artist. Since then, new albums and singles have been coming every year.  Her workshops focus on both the practical and spiritual side of survival as a creative person, and she shares the wisdom she's gained, in the hopes that her students too can be empowered to be their best creative selves and take the reins on their own journey.

Testimonials from her students suggest that workshop-goers leave feeling inspired and more confident after they attended one of her Masterclasses. Louise sees songwriting (or any chosen art form) as the one thing an artist can rely on to stay a psychology sane person in a landscape that becomes more and more challenging for the artist to have their voice heard. She believes the artist creates their reality through their work, rather than merely reacting to it.  With a busy career, her classes are rare opportunities to work with her in person and break through some of the blocks you may be having to following your artistic dreams.


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