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Lotus Retreats

We believe what you seek is seeking you. Lotus Retreats is designed with YOU in mind - for those who have never practiced yoga to those who maintain a daily yoga practice. Self-discovery has no age, it’s about the soul and how to protect the beauty inside each one of us. For those new to yoga, we are introducing concepts. For those with an understanding, we are taking it a step deeper. Ultimately there is something for everyone to gain from our retreats. Our retreats create a fun & loving space for personal and physical growth and transformation through the exploration of yoga, movement, meditation, guided treks, community building and connection to the world and others around you. We believe in the power of Yoga to experience your personal power, confidence and strength through movement & meditation. The beauty of yoga, is that it’s your own. It is what you make of it, and what you need in that exact moment on your own personal journey.


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