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Lori Battle, Success Coach Lori

CEO of Lori Battle Enterprises and Founder of The Dream Girl Foundation, a non-profit organization dedicated to empowering girls from underserved communities Dream Big and providing the resources to make their dreams a reality!

Lori is also a Success Coach who specializes in Entrepreneur Empowerment. She coaches individuals on how to think in upgrade and how to live in their heightened self!   At the age of 20 Lori became an entrepreneur and by the time she was in her mid 20's she had multiple successful businesses.  She understands many of the challenges men & women face as they embark into entrepreneurship and many of the obstacles that come along with operating a successful business model.  Which is why she has committed a great deal of her time to helping small business owners and aspiring entrepreneurs reach ultimate success through her success coaching program and networking events.

Lori is the poster child for "WOW" (women who overcome & withstand)! Facing many roadblocks and challenges herself personally and professionally, she has overcome so much in her life and turned lemons into lemonade through her relentless faith and determined mindset.  She is such an inspiring & powerful woman with a dynamic personality.  When you meet her you will fall in love with her drive & passion to help others.

in 2017 she launched The Dream Big Tour, a one-day workshop conference that helps business owners and aspiring entrepreneurs reach ultimate success through her success coaching program. She will be in San Diego, CA. on Saturday March 25th at the Sheraton Hotel in La Jolla. Don't miss this power packed day that will catapult your success for 2017! You will be so glad you made the investment! 

You can follow Lori on social media to stay connected with her!  Thank you for your continued support!

Stay tuned....there is much more to come from America's next favorite Coach!


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