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Lone Wolf Harley-Davidson

Greg Ernst is the owner of Lone Wolf Harley-Davidson® in Spokane Valley, WA. His two sons Bill and Chris play a vital role in the dealership. When the boys graduated high school, I decided we would like to get into retail again. My passions are riding, hunting, fishing, and hockey... in that order. We, of course, have Harley-Davidson motorcycles, but we also have other bikes. Motorcycles became the obvious choice, and Harley-Davidson® motorcycles became the goal. I like to think of Harley-Davidson motorcycles as a rider's motorcycle. You can ride all day, with confidence and comfort, and make great friends along the way. We have made friends from L.A. to D.C. while riding. For us, Harley-Davidson is so much more than great motorcycles. We feel blessed to be living here in the Pacific Northwest and blessed again to be operating the Harley-Davidson here. Why "Lone Wolf" Harley-Davidson? Many riders consider them self, while on the road, a lone wolf. Riding in a pack can be a very individualistic experience, even in that group setting. Plus, the name, at least around this neck of the woods, stirs up a little bit of controversy. It seems like half of the people here hate the wolves and the other half, well, don't. We've got Wolf Lodge Mountain here, Wolf Lodge Steakhouse, the Timber Wolves high school mascot, and a wolf facility just up the road. Wolves are in the paper just about every day. Nothing wrong with a little attitude in a name.

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