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10% of conflicts are due to difference in opinion. 90% are due to wrong tone of voice. 
What is the Legacy you want your voice to leave in the room?

Passionate about building Confidence, Lisa is driven by the understanding that every vocal tone has a purpose. Every nuance and inflection comes from attention and intention; To build relationships, influence and inspire you must build a solid foundation of vocal tones that moves your from just connecting, to where you want your listener to be. 

HOW? Lisa's programs use a scientific system based on human interaction and experience. 
Her practice is a combination of : Pop Culture | Science | Mindset | Skill Based Vocal Techniques 

How I help:
►Build those critical relationships within your business
►Increase your bottom line by improving your ability to influence
►Create a Voice that leaves a lasting impression: One you actually want remembered
►Improve results one tone at a time
►Teach you how to speak like "Those" people that Motivate & Inspire
►Empower your ability to be a confident leader
►Conquer your nerves and present a powerful presentation
►Upskill your company to speak with One Voice 

Who is Lisa? 
►Vocal Coach with 25 Years experience
►Program Facilitator
►Keynote Speaker
►Presentation Specialist
►National Ambassador for ACCF
►Director: Operait P/L 

Why Lisa? 
►Experienced and Professional Vocal Specialist
►Regular Speaker at Conferences|Event|Seminars 
►Developed and Facilitated Innovative Training Programs
►Understands the challenges of effective communication
►Increases Results

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