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Hi! I am a practicing Therapist in Saskatoon with a background in Social Work. I am passionate about all things life and death. I enjoy brining this passtion to the community. I have co-organized and co-hosted the Death Cafe for the past 3 years as well as started the End of Life Book Club. I have been fortunate that my career has taken me on a journey supporting individuals though the difficulties of life’s many milestones. The common thread shared by all was the all encompassing and universal experience of loss. These experiences have forced me to face mortality on a daily basis. Our death avoidant society has created a culture of avoidance, shame and disconnection.

I am here to challenge you and the norm in order to create a much needed change. To address our fears and make room for love. To get through the dark and live in the light. To talk about death and truly learn out how to live. By embracing our own mortality, I have learned that life becomes more fulfilling, passionate and purposeful. I believe that we must all begin with the end in mind.

You can learn more about me and what I do here:

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