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Lindsey T. H. Jackson

What every successful athlete and CEO knows is that the mastery of self is the most important aspect of personal success and prosperity. To move forward, we must first learn all the limitations, real or imagined, that have been holding us back. A personal transformation coach can work with you to help bring these often sub-conscious patterns or thoughts to the forefront of your mind and create an effective plan for moving forward.

If you have been trying to create change in your life – lose weight, excel at your career, improve relationships, change bad habits – and keep producing the same results or hitting the same roadblocks, then transformation coaching is right for you.

Lindsey has worked and trained as a dancer, health instructor, muscular therapist life coach and spirit-guide in Europe, Asia, and Australia for more than thirteen years. This broad international experience is reflected in her integrative practice methodology. Through workshops, storytelling and focused practice she will guide and support you as you create lasting change in your life.


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