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Lindsay Joseph - Owner & Founder of Greater NOW, LLC

Over the last 30 years, women have made major gains in the workplace as well as outpaced our male counterpart in educational attainment and entrepreneurial endeavors. In addition to our new place at work and in business, we still manage to maintain our roles as spouses, partners, mothers, care takers to aging parents, and homemakers. As driven as we are to succeed, we are still less likely to receive promotions which lead to lower wages and occupancy in leadership roles. Professional women still have a ways to go.

In the meantime, there's something you can do to improve your performance, advance your career, and get your business booming.

Greater NOW, LLC is a career coaching firm for the current and future generations of highly-motivated professional women. Clients are provided with greater confidence, greater clarity, and greater purpose through a variety of customized and target coaching services and forthcoming products to help them advance their careers and business ventures while managing work-life balance. Ladies, you already have it in you to be exactly what you were intended to be. You CAN be greater, and the time is right now.

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