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Light of Menorah Ministries


Background of Author and Teacher

Rev. John J. Ferret, Jr.
B.A., M.S., M.A.T., Masters Biblical History

 Our teacher is John Ferret.  John and his wife, Robin, were blessed with the opportunity to study and travel with Ray Vander Laan, a celebrated Bible teacher and historian and founder of the ministry, “That the World May Know.”  They went with Ray to Israel in June of 2000 on his study tour called “Israel in Depth.” They also went with Ray to Turkey on his Bible study tour called, “In the Footsteps of the Apostles,” in June 2003.   Both trips provided over 180 hours of direct instruction on site at the Biblical sites in Israel and Turkey.  As John says, “…these trips are the most intense and powerful Bible studies we have ever experienced.” 


When John and Robin returned from Israel, the Lord opened many doors (unexpectedly) for John to share what he learned.  The Lord literally has taken John and Robin and sent them on a mission they did not want nor ever expect to have.   John’s lesson focus on helping Christians, young and old, to be that much more knowledgeable as God’s people, serving HIM with more power and fruitfulness; helping those taking his classes to become true disciples of Rabbi Jesus, and to “walk in His dust.”  From all the miracles the Lord has provided along the way for John and Robin, they are more convinced than ever that the Lord is doing something powerful and amazing. He is getting His Bride ready for His coming helping believers reconnect to their Jewish roots and grasp their Hebrew heritage.


John is a licensed full time Bible minister instructor through the International Ministerial Fellowship. He is co-founder and president of the teaching ministry called, “Light of Menorah.” The ministry’s emphasis is providing Bible workshops, classes, study tours to Israel and Turkey, and seminars on the archaeology, history, geography, customs, culture, and the language of ancient Israel and the Middle East.  John is more of a Bible historian and his goal is to provide scholarly lessons and classes on the Jewish roots of the Christian faith.  He wants to reconnect 21st century Christians to their Hebrew heritage lost by the church for close to 2000 years. But, more than learning about the Jewish roots of the Christian faith, it is the mission of Light of Menorah to therefore help believers walk in a deeper and more passionate faith in Jesus Christ as Lord, Savior, Messiah of Israel, and He who is God alone.


John has an extensive teaching background as a seasoned, enthusiastic and powerful teacher.  He taught both college and high school over 20 years; he was also an educational technology consultant for the state of Minnesota.  He has an advanced masters degree from Purdue University in mathematics being 12 credits short of a PhD. and also has a masters degree in teaching.  More importantly, he recently completed his 3rd masters degree in Biblical History of the Middle East in the summer of 2013. 


Since the Lord has “given” this ministry to John and his wife, John continues an intense program of study to enhance his expertise in Biblical history, geography, and archaeology and the Jewish roots of the Christian faith.  This recently included additional work in Israel, Egypt, Jordan, the Sinai and Turkey - he studied at and visited key archaeological, historical, and cultural sites in as related to the background of the Bible.  


His goal was to be a teacher that does not teach his own opinion but provides intense instruction based upon a foundation of solid scholarship.  The classes focus on the uncompromising truth of God’s word and the history and cultural background of the Bible as a totally Jewish book.


The website link is (Note - website is now under construction) You can also email Reverend Ferret at or call the ministry at 612-850-7582.



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