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Lidiya Ber

I discovered AcroYoga in 2012 when I was in my thirties and living in the United States near San Francisco.  I fell in love with it from the first flight!  For me AcroYoga contains so many aspects of what I want in my life – trust, connection, movement, laughter, and a supportive community.  As adults we don’t get to simply play the way we did as kids. Why? It is such a simple pleasure to play with other people and this is exactly what AcroYoga provides – a playground where you can have fun and explore movement with another person. Another aspect that I love about AcroYoga is that it can be practiced outside, which is why I prefer to hold classes outside when possible.

I did not have any gymnastics, acrobatics, or yoga experience before I started practicing AcroYoga, however this practice has helped me grow stronger and more fearless.  It has also helped me to improve my communication style and the way I face challenges.  Over the years I participated in many trainings and have been deeply touched and inspired by the teamwork, trust, and mindfulness involved in this unique practice. In addition to AcroYoga, my current practice includes Rocket Yoga and calisthenics.

It makes me happy to share this practice with others and I hope you can join me for a class!

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