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Liberate Hollywood

The center where spirituality and creativity unite, Liberate Hollywood is the first of many centers designed to Liberate individuals, communities and the world. An offspring from the small yet super successful boutique healing center in Los Feliz, Liberate Emporium, this new center will offer all that made Liberate Emporium great and more. Liberate Hollywood is designed to be a place to find hope, transform, educate, create, be inspired and intellectually stimulated, have great conversations and share, learn, enjoy, make new friends and colleagues, and give back all while building a strong community of likeminded high vibration impact driven individuals.

This center is located in the heart of Hollywood, literally the center most point, in a world famous sound studio where many of the legends recorded, including Price, The Doors, Madonna, Michael Jackson and many more.  The building is infused with creativity energy and we aim to keep that energy alive merging both the spiritual, socially conscious and creative communities for the ultimate oasis.

This 6500 sq ft building offers the following:

• A range of alternative healing practitioners, creative classes, yoga, meditation and other workshops

• Authors, speakers, leaders and more

• Performance  lounge featuring live music, comedy and other artistic performers

• Intention driven and spiritual products from cultures around the world.

• Community outreach to help uplift and support those in need, including feeding programs and healing sessions (tied into our nonprofit “Motivate Humanity”).

• Extensive selection of crystals, minerals and  jewelry

• Educational training and certifications in the healing and creative realms.


Liberate is a brand filled with intention, purpose and meaning. We are here to uplift. We are here to heal. We are here to connect. We are here to educate and so much more.  Our goal is to grow an iconic brand that will open many locations in the next 10 years, each designed to support and liberate individuals and communities.  

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