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Libby Spears + Bravo CC


Libby Spears is a highly sought after speaker who always delivers a memorable experience for her audience.

She is the author of “What’s YOUR Plan BE?” a guide for finding your Plan BE in your personal and

professional life and the forth coming book “Step Away From the Laser Pointer”: Rules for Creating a Game

Changing Presentation EVERY Time! She has been featured on Good Morning Texas and The Not So Perfect Parent.

As a professional speaker, Libby enthusiastically shares communication and marketing insights learned from her years teaching in the college classroom + working with a diverse client set across numerous industries. The strategies, tactics, and take-aways she imparts in every presentation feel fresh, new and her audiences response is a resounding “Yes!” They cannot wait to get back to work to implement what they learn from her. Her reputation for customizing and connecting to her audience’s unique needs and challenges makes her a great choice for any occasion.


Libby is a naturally gifted storyteller and this is the hallmark of her speaking style. She has audience members tell her they came after a recommendation from a colleague or friend heard her speak. Teaching is in her DNA and
“The Big So What?” is always guiding and

directing her content. She wants people to walk away with tools that are relevant and easy to implement.


Industry conferences with a focus on
communication and professional training
and development.
Business Leaders and Executives who recognize the need for top notch presentation skills and want to learn how to be GAME CHANGERS in their industry. Women’s Groups and Conferences where there is an emphasis on personal growth. Small Business Owners and Entrepreneurs who want to compete with the BIG brands and need tips, tricks, and tactics to be GAME CHANGERS.

Industries who serve a unique market demographic and need to better understand how to create messaging that will appeal to this audience.

Association members who need ongoing marketing and communication expertise. HR professionals looking for new and innovative programs to take to their organizations related to communication issues such as annual performance reviews, interviewing, team building, motivating team members and handling critical conversations.

Corporate clients who hold sales meetings, marketing meetings, management meetings and leadership development meetings.


Presentation and Public Speaking | Marketing | Storytelling | Leadership | Management Business Etiquette | Networking | Branding | Critical Conversations | Conflict | Generations Gender | Culture | Performance Reviews | Emotional Intelligence | Social Styles


“What’s YOUR Plan BE?” Finding YOUR Plan for Personal and Professional Success


Keynote | Break Out Session | Lunch & Learn | Half day and Full Day Workshop

What’s YOUR Plan BE? Find YOUR Plan for Personal and Professional Success: BE a Storyteller, BE Articulate, BE Remarkable and BE Inspired

Death by Presentation Let’s face it. 99% of the presentations we hear are BAD. Learn FIVE reasons they are SO bad, FIVE easy fixes for your future presentations in just 50 minutes

Spotlight! Content is important but Presentation is where people decide if they love you or hate you (or just don’t care!). Learn to captivate an audience from the word Go!

Gone in SIXTY Seconds Most Messages are FORGOTTEN all too soon. Fight the short attention span trap and create a memorable message.

Power Point Is A Back Up Dancer Create a presentation experience where your Power Point is there to make YOU look good.

Going UP? Your Elevator Speech-- Share It Anytime, Anywhere, With Anyone. Libby Spears | Bravo CC | 972.754.6023 | |

Storyteller Get to know the FIVE elements of good STORYtelling and why it matters. Get Kiss’d Five simple ways you can simplify your message to make it memorable

BE Social: Learn and Understand how YOUR Social Style Impacts how you relate to others

Honoring the Open Door Policy: Creating a Culture Where Open Dialogue is Not Just a Theory, but a Practice

The Business Of Etiquette Previously Titled “Please Don’t Trim Your Toenails While Interviewing A Potential New Hire”

It’s Like Apples And Oranges, We’re All Fruit Understanding The Dynamics Of CULTURE in any organization.

Couples Skate Working with the opposite sex can be like a great skate around the rink if you take the time to work together. Learn how.

Look at the BIG BRAIN on Brad! FIVE things we have learned from brain science and how to plug it in to your professional life.

Meet Me In The Parking Lot After School: How To Be Assertive Without Being Aggressive

Talkin’ ‘Bout My Generation: Navigating Generational Differences In The Workplace for Happier and More Productive Teams

“Performance Review Tune UP” Taking Your Performance Reviews In The Right Direction

“How To Demotivate Your Team In An Instant” The Secrets To Team Building “It All Started With A Napkin”: The Common Factors Of Organizational Success

“Fourth And Goal!” How To Coach Your Team To A Touchdown “The 360 Degree Leader” The Hallmarks Of Great Leadership

“Are You EMOTION-ally Intelligent?” Why EQ Is Far More Important Than IQ In A Leader’s Success

“Fighting The Mediocrity Trap” Knowing The Difference Between Good And Great Leadership Performance 

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