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Letters From The Heart Ministry

​Thanks for supporting our troops, veterans and their family!  

We hope you can find everything you need to feel supported or to provide support to these veterans and families. Letters From The Heart  is focused on providing high-quality service and customer satisfaction - we will do everything we can to meet needs.   We are all volunteers so sometimes it will take us a few days to get back to people but we do our best to make sure all inquiries are done in a timely manner.    To verify service we will need to view a copy of your VA disability letter showing that you currently are rated from the VA (percent does not matter), DD214 or an LES if you are active duty.  Please black out SS numbers as we do not need that.    We will destroy the copy sent to us or give it back if you do so in person.    If we meet with you in person then showing your  VA card or Military ID card also works.    We do not keep copies of anything.   

Here are the Pillars for our Ministry of hope and Compassion: 


1) Hazcom Warrior 

2) The Voice 

3) The Forever fighter 

4) The Supportive Spouses 

5) The Little Warriors 

6) The Fearless Family

7) The Additional Blessings 

8) Compassionate Christmas

9)  We Stand WITH Our Warriors 

​10) Ministry and Chaplaincy Program.  

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