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Leslie Watkins Life Coach

What sets Leslie apart from other life coaches and mediators is her energy work.  Leslie’s ability to see and read energy enhances her ability to help those who feel stuck in life; people who want real change; individuals and businesses desiring greater happiness and fulfillment through empowerment; families desiring understanding and healing from unhealthy patterns handed down through generations; messages from the subconscious mind; understanding your dreams; healing after a trauma; embracing fear to eliminate it! Leslie’s passion is “Healing Generations” her new book explaining how our genes tell more about us than our physical attributes and how we can break the chains of generations for a better life today.

Healing Generations is also Leslie's company in which she has started this year supporting and training other Life Coaches to use her proven methods that she has used for 20+ years. Healing Generation's mission is to love powerfully and unconditionally, to create an environment for real healing within individuals, groups and generationally as we unite to elevate consciousness through love, understanding and conscious awareness.

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