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Leslie Strovas, All Things New Health & Wellness

Leslie Strovas is a Certified Functional Nutritionist, Doctoral Candidate in Natural Medicine and Pastoral Counselor.  She struggled for years as a single-mother of three with chronic fatigue, wacky hormones, unexplained weight gain, brain fog, and low-grade depression, and after one more doctor told her there was nothing wrong with her, she decided to take her health into her own hands.  She educated herself about the main pillars of health - nutrition, sleep/rest, play/movement, detoxification, and whole spirit - and healed herself naturally from what she learned was late stage Adrenal Fatigue causing insulin resistance, a leaky gut, hormonal imbalance and early thyroid dysfunction.  Leslie founded All Things New out of her own health struggles and victory and is passionate about helping others take back their health from "disease management" and guiding them on their individual path of whole person healing.

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