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One hundred and seventy-two restaurants are listed in the guide, Les Grandes Tables du Monde. These establishments, from all over the world, share a taste in excellence, gastronomical elegance as well as the art of serving. Moreover, they share a similar conviviality that transforms meals into unforgettable sensorial experiences. An extremely refined selection in a globalized world; these restaurants inter-nationally compete with skillfully concocted dishes, exalted products, subtly prepared plates in order to satisfy an ever more demanding clientele.
These one hundred and seventy-two Grandes Tables du Monde, united under their emblem, Cocteau's Rooster, all possess that certain extra something special. If we go to a restaurant to eat well, we go to a Grande Table to enjoy an experience of heightened finesse. It is with immense pride that the member restaurateurs, under the leadership of association president David Sinapian, and its board members, are presently writing the new pages of a contemporary and festive gastronomy.
In 2017, the association will continue this path of excellence: to share a moment that combines the sublime with generosity. Haute cuisine and good taste have crossed borders since the guide's early years. Again, this year, the restaurants, scattered throughout 26 countries and over five continents, strongly emphasize their appetite to o er a rich, diverse and culinary heritage and unequalled art of living.


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