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Lenny Suijkerbuijk

I Am Lenny.
Born in The Netherlands with roots from Indonesia, Surinam and currently living in Singapore.
I am a professional performer, vocal coach. Specialized in the genres soul, R&B, gospel, musical, music theatre. I’ve been trained in The Netherlands at the Vocal and Dance Academy. I have also been coaching women for more than 20 years globally, helping them through difficult life transitions, emotional and mental challenges in my wellness & healing practice. Using methods like NLP, Reiki, foot reflexology, aromatherapy, Art of Feminine body & energy work and other transformation & healing methods.
I am privileged to have worked as a performer, music theatre artist and a public motivational speaker. My passion is helping people transform their lives with what I’ve been trained in and with what I know.
The My Full Essence Performing Arts Academy Singapore
  • I’m offering various empowerment, transformational events supported by my music theatre show.
  • I conduct vocal, music/theatre courses in Singaopre, in collaboration with other highly skilled and international vocal, dance and stage presence teachers in Singapore.
  • I joined One Jam productions as a regular performing artist and Emcee on their open mic nights at Cuba Libre and DeutschlanderSG, Clarke Quay, Singapore.
  • As per January 2020 I’ll be joining the VOCO Singapore Ladies Choir led by Singapore’s finest conductor Darius Lim.
  • Head of Mom Entrepreneurs Singapore:
In December 2018 I received a blessing in my head: a hemorrhage. This life experience has taught me many things and I’m taking this experience to rebuild my life and inspire & help others to (re)build theirs. On my FB page I am sharing anything that supports transformation and positive life changes.
Celebrate Life & Love!