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Vision to Soar at 30,000 Feet
Expertise to Land the Plane

 With passion, integrity, and talent, Altimeter helps non-profit organizations focus their vision, cultivate their best voice, and tap into their strengths to execute strong strategies.

Your mission is my mission field.


Leigh Reynolds, Altimeter founder and managing director, has more than two decades of solid non-profit leadership focused on capacity building, strategic communications, development, staff and volunteer management. Her expertise, and that of her team, has been honed through time in the trenches; learning through successes and challenges.

Altimeter will help your path be more straight and your mission more readily achievable.


"My passion for helping others was ignited as a student at the University of Kansas, when I led a student group that raised $29,000 for the local chapter of the United Way. Natural abilities and driven personality led to other non-profit positions over the span of two decades and included organizing massive numbers of volunteers for walks, festivals, bike rides and runs. 


Noted Achievements:


  • Served as the first Executive Director for KidneyWise, an organization focused on re-thinking chronic kidney disease (CKD) prevention.
  • Led the team that launched the MG Walk for Myasthenia Gravis, a nationally led, volunteer driven walk campaign that raised a half million in its first year and continues to raise nearly $1 million for the MGFA.
  • Created and launched Autoimmune Walk, Linking Together for a Cure for the AARDA, an event now entirely run by volunteers to benefit the organization.
  • Led the Walk for PKD from a disjointed collection of 79 individual walks raising $500k to a cohesive, well-branded, nationally directed but volunteer led campaign of 58 walks raising $3 million.
  • Successfully maneuvered the Solve ME/CFS Initiative (formerly CFIDS Association of America) through a re-branding and re-naming, organizational move, and leadership transition.
  • Managed all communication, marketing, and development aspects related to launching the Bateman Horne Center, a center of excellence for ME/CFS and Fibromyalgia.
  • Led an all-volunteer team at First Baptist Church North Kansas City in the development and management of a capitol campaign to raise $400,000 for the renovation of the kitchen, dining and fellowship space to meet city ordinance and accommodate ministering to NKC homeless.

In 2016, I joined Network for Good as an Expert Fundraising Coach. I work with a myriad of different organizations to effectively help them chart a course for greater success. I am also passionate about connecting and engaging people with one-another and strengthening community, which has led me to coordinating different community events, like the Creator Cafe.

I am the mother of three amazing children; my youngest on the autism spectrum. I frequently volunteer in the community, serve on multiple committees at my church, a broadway-style belter who loves to sing, and am an occasional public speaker specializing in proactive, inclusive communication techniques."

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