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Lee Ann O'Brien

Long before Celebrating Women became an important event, connecting and inspiring women, was an undeniable passion in my life. Having been fortunate to have had the opportunity to have met so many influential women; listening to what sparked their curiosity, their appetite for resources and their inspiration, brought us to where we are today. In another program this year, we spoke about “living life out loud’. Being passionate about something— don’t just think it, do it! Life is full of disruptions, we just have to learn how to navigate. We are always becoming, always arriving, always pushing to the edge...and then we find there is no edge there. But the value of exploring the edge is often well-worth the effort. So, don’t under-estimate yourself.


Celebrating Women is passionate about expanding your connections...Where Our Paths Begin. Giving women the tools they need is one of our strongest commitments. With an emphasis on work-life balance, health, wellness and women-focused topics, Celebrating Women shares insight about taking care of ourselves so we are able to seek resources for our friends and family members.

Featuring a dynamic ensemble of business leaders and successful entrepreneurs, Celebrating Women was founded on the premise of being able to share these sensational women and organizations with You! Insightful Dialogues will ignite the conversation involving many of the hot topics that concern today’s women, their businesses and family. Celebrating Women & INSPIRE Awards TM will be honoring and celebrating a number of accomplished women, the organizations they are leading and how they support each other. Celebrating Women challenges you to be an “Upstander”: (n) A person who acts to make positive change.


The Positive Thinker sees the Invisible, feels the Intangible and Achieves the Impossible.

Celebrating and Inspiring Women ~ Lee Ann O'Brien

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