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Lavonia Nowell - 903.504.6321

Lavonia has an incredible story of how all her adult life she dealt with depression, weight issues, severe chronic pain, digestive issues, etc. She will be sharing her "health journey"...

  • unhealthy adult life dealing with many health issues
  • losing what health she had and her life as she knew it
  • having to retire early due to health issues
  • spending almost 2 1/2 years searching for answers
  • what turned her health around and how she "got her life back...better than ever"
  • how her body has found its "happy place" weighing 50 pounds less
  • the very unexpected "surprise" she got
  • and how God has used this health journey to heal her spiritually and given her a mission

Because she experienced such a dramatic improvement in her health, she became a volunteer with the nonprofit, Processed-Free America, and started the first four Processed-Free Living Support Groups in East Texas and now there are seven groups with the eighth to start this Fall.

As a volunteer, Lavonia still leads two PFL Support Groups, coordinates two monthly Processed-Free Potluck Suppers, and is the coordinator for all the PFL Support Groups in East Texas.

In September 2013, she studied and passed the exam for her certification through Processed-Free America to become a Certified Processed-Free Facilitator/Instructor. So, in addition to her many hours of volunteer work, she presents Processed-Free Living Workshops to help others begin their Life-Changing health journey...Change Your Health...Change Your Life!

A.L.O.H.A. - A Life Of Health Always!

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