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Laura Mathieson - Selling on eBay UK Ltd

Selling on eBay UK Ltd, run by Laura Mathieson, is a specialist eBay Consultancy service. 

Providing analysis and advice to businesses selling on eBay, services include a full template design and shop set up through to a managed facility to support small and medium sized companies to flourish on eBay. 
eBay UK started in 1999 and Laura started selling there in 2003. 
For ten years she was a Top Rated Powerseller, developing a presence on eBay and watching how the platform changed in order to pass those insights onto your business. 
Laura has been providing expert consultation since 2007, working with more than 250 companies and helping them build their companies. 
Because Laura has studied eBay across its lifetime, she is uniquely placed to understand the patterns, the history of what’s happened before and eBay’s development, to seeing what’s around the corner in order to help your business grow. 
With experience as Partnership Management providing workshops to start ups throughout the North East, Laura has a wide and deep knowledge of event and training planning, making sure that all attendees learn genuinely practical and significant information to grow their sales. 
In addition, as a business adviser working with several local councils, Laura brings a practical and focused approach to eCommerce problems.

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