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Laura Carrillo aka The Feng Shui Lady

 Laura Carrillo is The Feng Shui Lady.  She is a sought after consultant, teacher and writer in her field with articles in Elle Decor, Thrive Global and the LA Times to name a few.  Laura practices the original and most organic school of Feng Shui called Form School.  She is additionally a credentialed Red Ribbon professional through The International Feng Shui Guild, an elite group of practitioners tested across all schools of Feng Shui for a broad spectrum understanding of each practice.  This foundation allowed her to hone in on best practices and tailor her work to her client's best interest and personal narratives.  Her non-directional approach focuses on good form and placement, honoring and making the most of your space and floorplan as it exists.  "My work is like Space Therapy and I treat your space as an extension of you.  I apply the energetic bagua map based on your entrance and treat each space as its own universe to make the most of its energetic potential."  Laura Carrillo aka The Feng Shui Lady

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