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Laura Bechard, ProVision Coaching Network

I believe that business is a tool to let you live life on your own terms.

What legacy will you leave?  Is your business predictably profitable?  Is it yielding the cash / income you need to realize your dreams?  How will it carry on without you when you retire or otherwise step away?  Are you stressed out?  Burned out?  Looking for impactful change?

Business Advisor

Not your typical business consultant, I combine business education (MBA) with a strong financial understanding (CPA-CGA).  I use additional experiences, tools and training in Change Management and as a Learning Professional to help others grow and develop knowledge, skills and mindset needed to achieve their goals (mentoring and coaching along the way).   I also bring over 30 years business experience in a number of ventures.  I'm a Certified Business & Executive Coach, Change Management Practitioner, Facilitator, Learning Specialist and an experienced entrepreneur.

As a partner in a 100+ year family business, I understand the special challenges that come with combining family with business.  We're overcoming decades of cultural norms as we work to transition our business to the 4th generation.  Did I expect these challenges when I said "I do"? Not on your life!  We'll listen to your challenges, share our experiences, laugh and work together to explore best practices and develop plans to improve success.

Learning Specialist

I've had a fulfilling professional career as a learning specialist bringing experience from the not-for-profit, public and private sectors.  My passion is to improve the results from investment in learning - regardless of the source of the investment.  There's a reason we invest in training - generally that reason includes having the participants "do something" with what they have learned - either apply the new learning in their personal or professional lives.  Sadly, the way we have been designing and delivering learning often pays little attention to transfering the learning beyond the virtual or real classroom.  Together, we can improve the results from your investment in learning.  You'll report improved results to your funders rather than only reporting "bums in seats".   Getting impact from training leads to achieving better results, improved performance and better social outcomes.  Achieve your mission with improved learning events, workshops, courses and conferences. 

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