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Latinos Progresando

Latinos Progresando’s mission is to deliver high-quality information and resources for people to build secure, healthy, and productive lives.


Founded in 1998, today, Latinos Progresando: has built the largest Latino-led, family-based immigration legal services program in the State of Illinois, including an initiative focused on immigrant victims of domestic violence; runs Teatro Americano, a theater ensemble and arts education program; provides tuition assistance to deserving young students through the Dr. Angela Perez Miller Scholarship Fund; convenes The Marshall Square Resource Network, a 30-organization coalition working to transform Chicago’s southwest side.


Immigration Legal Services

Latinos Progresando’s family-based immigration legal services program serves over 5,000 families from 40 different countries each year. Every client receives a thorough, one-on-one legal consultation with a BIA-accredited representative, and is represented through interviews with USCIS. The program is complemented with pro bono VAWA services for victims of domestic violence or sexual assault, and U Visa processing for victims of crimes.


Teatro Americano

For the past 13 years, Latinos Progresando’s arts and culture program, Teatro Americano, has taught youth the skills to write, produce, and perform original plays based on their own experiences as well as interviews with family and community members. Teatro Americano helps students develop their identities, explore their cultures, and learn how to accept and give constructive criticism.


The Dr. Angela Perez Miller Scholarship Fund

The Dr. Angela Perez Miller Scholarship provides much-needed tuition assistance for high-achieving Latino/immigrant students who are attending—or have been admitted to—an institution of higher education. The scholarship has awarded tens of thousands in scholarship dollars over the last decade to promising students who wish to pursue a post-secondary education but may not be able to afford to do so without financial assistance.


Live Healthy Initiative

Latinos Progresando’s Live Healthy initiative is a parent leadership program in Marshall Square

schools that combines physical activity and nutrition with Social and Emotional Learning (SEL),

improving both physical health and mental health.


The Marshall Square Resource Network

Latinos Progresando is the co-founder and backbone agency of The Marshall Square Resource

Network, a coalition of 30 organizations consisting of four working committees focused on health, peace, capacity building, and education.

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