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Last Chance Patriots


If you love America, if you love Montana and if you want to preserve and strengthen
the principles upon which America was founded, then YOU are a Last Chance
“Last Chance” because America is at a pivotal point in its history: if the current
trajectory of divisiveness, vitriolic rants and violence continues, America as we know
it will be lost. If those of us who believe in the Judeo-Christian principles upon
which America was founded can rise up, reject and reverse the current secular
progressive movement then we can save our country. But we have to make our
voices heard and it will be hard to be loud enough to overcome the well-funded
movement that is trying every single day to destroy America.
In the coming months Last Chance Patriots will launch its effort to inform, inspire
and encourage Montanans to preserve our Constitutional Republic. The forces we
will be opposing are vast: left-wing media, pro-refugee forces (like Soft Landing in
Missoula), the Interfaith movement, various liberal cause groups, and just about
anything funded by George Soros.

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