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Lamar Irwin @amomentswisdom

The website above is my Curious Mind News blog

Lamar Irwin has a degree in electrical engineering and has worked globally for Schlumberger and Halliburton. He followed an inner passion to learn how to do life better beginning in university and continues. He has developed into a unique soul force and resource for bringing forth people’s best through empowerment.

From his engineering mind he has reengineered how to do life better from his learned perspective that You Are Designed for Success & You Live in a Proactively Supportive Life. Lamar trains you how to program your brain bringing forth your greatness and guides you to come from your best self to be the person you choose to be to achieve your goals.

In class you are trained at 2 levels of brain functioning. 1 is regular eyes open. 2 is at the brain frequency that reprograms your brain and heart neurons, real time. It is a very unique approach that makes the skills immediately useful. + the more you use them the deeper and more effective the skills become.

Achieving Greatly class provides the skills and heightened consciousness to shift from being reactive to what life gives you to causing the life you want to matter the current circumstances.

In private sessions Lamar has found that miracles (quick results) happen often for clients. *Unique value: When it is beneficial I record a custom audio guided mental/heart focusing recording at the very end of a session. You receive this via email to use as prescribed. It continues unfolding your empowerment from the session customized for your focus.


Whatever you want to improve about yourself, your life, health, wellbeing or spiritual growth... Lamar will customize your session after a free telephone consultation.


Lamar specializes in these areas:

  • Enter sleep better for a restful, rejuvenation sleep
  • Become Innovative, Creative, Use Whole Brain functioning
  • Manage personal life changes from a place of power
  • Develop oneself to be who you want to be and live the life you desire
  • Discover and implement your Life's Vision
  • Advanced Visualization that he has coined as Sensualization
  • Direct energy massage. Unusual and unusually effective.
  • Medical
  • Assist the healing process from within yourself. Medical diagnosis may reverse and prescription drug use weaned off.
  • Manage pain to eliminate it. Release headaches/pains in a few minutes through deliberate thinking. Thus far, people have *) eliminated use of morphine, oxycontin and other pain suppressants, **) stopped having migraines *) turned off a spinal implant that intercepts pain signals from reaching the brain.
  • **Client must notify their medical supervisor

Invest in yourself and your betterment. It pays lifelong dividends.

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