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Lamar Irwin @amomentswisdom

The website above is my Curious Mind News blog

Lamar Irwin has a degree in electrical engineering and has worked globally. He follows an inner passion to learn how to do life better, begun in university and in Malaysia then developed in different states. He has developed into a unique soul force and resource for bringing forth people’s best through untapped inner empowerment. 


 All the training and practice has caused him to now lead from the Truth: You Are Designed for Success & You Live in a Proactively Supportive Life.


People achieve the life they desire through multiple approaches. Lamar teaches, speaks, leads classes and does private sessions for people to learn how to come from their best self and their inner potential to rise above the fray of normality and live their best life.

 Some of these:

  • Neural programming of your brain and heart
  • Bring forth your greatness by discovering and operating from your passion
  • Leverage quantum laws and principles to achieve with ease
  • Instant Relaxation of body, mind and energy. Use it throughout the day before important meetings and drop the stress so you do not take it home
  • Gain answers from deep within your body’s intelligence
  • Licensed Spiritual Counselor/Coach through


In private sessions, Lamar has found that miracles (quick results) sometimes happen for clients. Whatever you want to improve about yourself, your life, career, love, material items, health, wellbeing or spiritual growth... Lamar will customize your session.


*Unique value: When it is beneficial he guides you through a custom audio journey to create an inner path to where you desire to go. This is recorded, edited and emailed to you. This continues the development from the session.


There are so many applications since Lamar can work with brain, heart, emotions, energies, self identity, behaviors, energies, etc:


Business Focus:

When employees are empowered to manage themselves, thus their own lives, your company will have a workforce with these possible benefits:

  • Less sick days
  • Greater employee retention
  • Better decision making
  • More harmonious workforce
  • Reduced healthcare costs
  • Increased creativity and productivity
  • Teams aligned to goals for more effectiveness
  • More…and custom for your needs


Examples of purposes for private sessions, talks and custom classes:

    • Sleep naturally without any external aid or substance
    • Become Innovative, Creative On Cue, as needed
    • Use Whole Brain functioning more effectively: Logic and Intuition
    • Choose Who You Want to Be in Life
    • Master Your Mind; cease thoughts that self sabotage
    • Manage personal life changes from your inner place of power
    • Develop who you want to be and live the life you desire
    • Discover and implement your Life's Vision
    • Advanced Visualization = Sensualization
    • Wellness
      • Possibly reduce medications and begin to reverse diagnosis
      • Check testimonials on my blog
      • Manage pain to eliminate it. Everyone, so far, has dropped medications and turned off implants
      • Release headaches in moments. This is the one that hooked me in high school. I no longer ever get a headache
      • Manage to elimination of Migraine type Headaches
      • All medical, client is to inform their medical care taker
    • Direct energy massage. Unusual and unusually effective.
      • P.E.A.C.E. Session = Personal Energy, Alignment, Clearing and Expansion. Life changes after these
      • Healing: Move out negative energies, bring forth Life’s Healing
    • Students: Study less, increase comprehension and recall
    • Change a behavior


  • Spiritual Counseling/Coaching – Life is full of abundance and achievement. Remove the inner obstacles to open up the gates to receiving.


Option: Hire Lamar to lead a custom program, a quartz crystal bowl meditation or other.


Invest in yourself and your betterment. It pays lifelong dividends for you and your family and friends.

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