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Lalita Diaz

Lalita Alaya Diaz was lazy, depressed, and dramatic like many human beings. In fact, she still finds herself embodying those traits from time to time and even enjoys it. She’s relieved however, that the majority of her time on Earth is now spent in flow, ease, and grace.

Her wisdom comes from many years of experimentation. She’s been a high school teacher and education activist; she’s been a CEO and marketing expert. She’s been an insecure little girl seeking comfort, a wild adolescent seeking love, and a depressed woman seeking relief. Most enduringly, she’s embodied curiosity and bravery.

She’s lived in California, Tennessee, Mexico, and Bali. She’s traveled all over the world and into her own heart, mind, and body many times over. She loves to laugh and play, geek out on philosophy and technology, and indulge her senses in many delights. She’s perhaps more than anything a deep lover of friendship and nature.

The primary influences of her work are: Umaa, David Cates, Shawn Roop, Daniel Schmachtenberger, Jim Gilkeson, Shambhavi Saraswati, Terrance Thames, Kamala Devi, Sally Kempton, Daniel Odier, Tantra (both classical and modern), Zen, Laya Yoga, Ayurveda, Huna, Schema Therapy, Non-violent Communication, Craniosacral, and “The Work” of Byron Katie.

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