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Lady Boss WEC

Who we are: Lady Boss Women's Entrepreneurial Club is a community of women entrepreneurs for women entrepreneurs. The Club is made up of over 1000 businesswomen. Members meet regularly on- and off-line to talk about our businesses. We share our success stories, experiences, struggles, interesting information and opportunities, educate and support each other, as well as to help each other to start and grow our businesses. Our ultimate goal is to help each other succeed. Our mission is to provide support and assistance to women at all stages of their entrepreneurial journey.

Who we are NOT: We are not a classical networking group. We are not trying to sell each other stuff or services. We are not trying to recruit each other to MLM organizations. We are not a classical educational organization and never invite guest speakers who never tried and prove on practice what they are talking about. We are not a legal advisory group.

Our mission: to provide support and assistance to women at all stages of their entrepreneurial journey.

Parts of Lady Boss Club:
1. Regional meetings. Meet monthly to discuss specifics of running business in a particular region. Check what is going on in your chapter here: https://ladybossclub.... Not seeing chapter in your region? We can help you to start one.
Our meetings are always FREE and open for public.
2. Online meetings. Meet monthly through Zoom. Focusing on discussion particular topic (Real Estate, Food business, Beauty, etc.). See more details and upcoming topics here: https://ladybossclub....
At this point FREE and open for public, however registration is required.
3. with all sorts of business resources: LadyBossClub.ORG
4. Facebook page with even more resources and updates: https://www.facebook....
5. Quarterly Club magazine with business articles and catalog of members
6. Facebook group (for formal members only): https://www.facebook.... is a place where Business Ladies can reach out to our community, promote their businesses, or exchange resources.

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