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La Isla Foundation

La Isla Foundation was created in 2008 by a crew of filmmakers documenting the plight of agricultural communities facing pesticide misuse and labor abuses in Latin America. While filming Banana Land ( they witnessed the ravages of Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD) epidemic among sugarcane workers in western Nicaragua. Deeply impacted by what they had seen, the film crew suspended work on their documentary to create La Isla Foundation. 

La Isla Foundation is committed to addressing both the individual and societal ramifications of the CKD epidemic. In the affected communities, the Foundation's goals are to identify the causes of CKD, facilitate treatment and prevention, educate workers, support impacted families, and provide the means for community-based economic development. 

MISSION: "Through our programs and outreach we make possible a meaningful exchange between consumers and the workers who produce their food and fuel. By providing direct aid, the tools for self-empowerment, and legal recourse when warranted, we ensure the concerns of workers, their families and their environment are addressed."

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