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One simple, in concept at the time, change in one's life, can lead to a shift to unknown territory. Good thing I've never been scared to chart unknown land.  This quality and many other, God given, gifts have lead me down a path of being blessed with the teachings and, hand in hand, learning the understanding of the energy that makes up our existence.  In a sacred form of showing gratitude to my teachers, I would be honored to past down my understanding of the ancestors to you. 


I have been a licensed massage therapist since 2007 and certified to teach Usui Reiki since 2016.  My work has yet to be contained to one location; spreading the love from the Kansas City, Missouri area to Huntsville, Alabama and even making a spot on the way near Nashville, Tennessee.  I, humbly, value to continue to spread the love to whomever is willing to put in the work that it takes to receive it! 

Sending you all love and light on your healing journeys (even if I'm only a seed meant to be watered in the future)!!

AHO!!! (Native American meaning: Thank You; Amen)

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