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My name is Kyla D Pruitt, I am the CEO and founder of KylaNicole, LLC, and I speak about practicality!  I strive to employ life skills that empower people in every state, stage, and life cycle. I am a doctoral candidate for my Ph.D, a policy expert, author, business consultant and full on coach that is committed to change in the lives of people. I teach seminars and build workshops for youth and adults that teach strength, courage, power, intelligence, and equality worldwide. As a woman with insight into both worlds, I have learned a way and perspective to make the genders talk the same language. Through my self-help book “15 ways to improve your reality” I have been able to tangibly describe how issues in society changes a person. I use practicality and transparency to Redefine, Refocus, and Reshape mindsets to resolve root issues that people call symptoms. 

My mission is to empower development, and foster self-awareness that produces satisfied whole living in every area, stage, and phase of life for all humankind. With a vision and deep desire to see fulfillment and healthy living in the lives of people. I believe with concrete goals and support most goals are attainable. This requires extensive life skill, people skill, and a tool set that can relate and breakdown barriers that have been placed on by life. I produce seminars, conferences, and educational panels called “LoudDiscussions” to promote and stimulate generational change.

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