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KYB Dressage is first and foremost, a family of people who love horses.  Born out of the marriage of two lifelong horse trainers, Kim and Yvonne Barteau, the KYB family now includes their children, Jamie, Jessica, Kassie and Kayla, all of whom have made their careers and centered their lives around their devotion to these magnificent animals.  The KYB family has expanded to embrace their friends. 

We are passionate about training horses for dressage, for exhibitions, on the ground, and in order to improve their relationships with their owners and riders. We are also passionate about training horse people, from junior/young riders to adult amateurs to other professionals.  We enjoy collaborating with our network of friends and horse professionals to share our knowledge and experiences through public exhibitions at venues such as Equine Affair, BreyerFest, and others.

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