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Kwok One Dance Company

A true teacher doesn't teach, he shows you how to learn. 

About the zoukZensation workshop:
My purpose is not to create students in my own image, but to develop students who can create their own image.

A Zensational program tailor made for social dancers.

Why and what you can expect from this event.

In the zouk scene the focus is mostly on steps and combinations.
In his workshops the focus is on dance fundamentals instead, teached in a fun and energetic way.

Background history: 
Due to a bone disorder I remained relatively short throughout my whole life, this caused me to encounter many hardships and difficulties.

This forced me to think creatively about how to achieve goals that seemed easy to most other people. 
All (bad) things in life happens for a good reason :-D

17 years of martial arts training has made me 3x champion of my state and ranked me with a silver medal for the open national championships.
I've started dancing 13 years ago and still taking balletclasses on a daily basis.

During this period I've developed a method of dance and didactics which is unique and different from most other teachers.
Looking forward to share a Zensational journey with you. 

Kindest dance regards,


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