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boost your confidence  embrace leadership transform business culture

by practicing Personable Business® 


We're exploring the relationship side of business. 


Personable Business® turns office politics into office partnerships. Whether you work at a company or have your own business, there will be politics. It's just people being people.



The Personable Business® Communication Tools establish a common language to bring out the best in people. 


* be heard, understood and get your needs met *


We stand for interacting with others from a partnership mindset. Partnership allows us to bring out the best in each other and create highly productive and rewarding results and relationships.  



Join the Personable Business® movement by joining Business Women of Silicon Valley. A sisterhood of business friends.



boost your confidence as a business woman  


through a partnership mindset, develop better relationships  


experience supportive female business friendships 

At our Personable Business® connecting events you will

* meet more people personally and professionally *

* learn how to keep business relationships in good shape *


We're declaring women can/will/need to support each other. We've got to learn how-to and understand how we don't. So often successful women say that "Women need to learn how to support each other." Here we are doing just that.

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