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Kristine Burke, MD & Mark Holthouse, MD, FAAFP - True Health Center For Functional Medicine

We take the time to dig deep into your health history, address your unique concerns, and identify how various factors affect your health. At True Health Center for Functional Medicine, you won’t be passed off to specialists after specialist, undergo unnecessary, time-consuming tests, or be prescribed medication that only treats your symptoms. As partners in your health journey, we will work together to create a customized care plan that works for you.

One-size-fits-all medicine is a thing of the past. At True Health Center for Functional Medicine, we practice a new model of care known as root cause medicine. Instead of treating symptoms, we get to the bottom of what is really preventing you from living your best life. Whether you have specific health concerns, persistent or unexplained symptoms, or simply want to enhance your health, we are here with you every step of the way. We will help you restore, protect and grow your health throughout your lifetime.

Since our Physicians only see just 6 or 8 members a day - significantly less than traditional practices - they have the time to really address your concerns and perform a strategic evaluation. They then work collaboratively to tailor an individualized, comprehensive care plan that’s effective and serves as the unique roadmap for your healthy life.

Our physicians and team of experts becomes invested in your story and a trusted partner on your health journey. Finally, true health you control.

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